1,000 Trumpeters (301-400)

Hello everyone,

Here’s a list of more players to check out! Once again these are in no particular order and please reserve your grievances until after I’ve posted all of the players.

301.Vitaly Golovnev

302.Ian Carr

303.Emmett Berry

304.Derrick Gardner

305.Clay Jenkins

306.Doug Olson

307.Charlie Porter

308.Joe Gordon

309.Voro Garcia

310.Felix Rossy

311.David Weiss

312.DeWayne Clemons

313.Mao Sone

314.Herman Mehari

315.Tony D’Aveni

316.Daniel Campbell

317.Gordon Au

318.Ray Callendar

319.Johnathan Saraga

320.Mike Cottone

321.Dave Chisholm

322.Chris Burbank

323.Bobby Gallegos

324.Trombone Shorty

325.Etienne Charles

326.Stephane Belmondo

327.Ryan Carnieux

328.James Morrison

329.Stephen Haynes

330.Suresh Singaratnam

331.Takuya Kuroda

332.Tatum Greenblatt

333.Taylor Haskins

334.Terumasa Hino

335.Steve Fishwick

336.Thomas Heflin

337.Jeff Lofton

338.Laura Jurd

339.Tom Arthurs

340.Uan Rasey

341.Valaida Snow

342.Valery Ponomarev

343.Walter White

344.Ziggy Elman

345.Humberto Ramirez

346.James Zollar

347.Donald Malloy

348.Dwayne Eubanks

349.Dusko Goykovich

350.Eddie Gale

351.Eric Biondo

352.Eric Vloeimans

353.Erik Jekabson

354.Erik Truffaz

355.Fabio Morgera

356.Bill Chase

357.Brad Turner

358.Brian Swartz

359.Frank London

360.Greg Adams

361.Gilbert Castellanos

362.Billy Skinner

363.Max Colley III

364.Mike Olson

365.Matthew Stewart

366.Chris Lawrence

367.Renaud Gensane

368.Leon Brown

369.Jackie Coleman

370.Ryan Easter

371.Matt Lavelle

372.Kenyatta Beasley

373.Jimmy Owens

374.Daniel Noesig

375.Laurie Frink

376.Curtis Taylor

377.Mark Van Cleave

378.John Swana

379.Raymond Williams

380.Jeremy Sinclair

381.JS Williams

382.Mark Chuvala

383.Matt Leder

384.Mike Vax

385.Jim Manley

386.Jon Crowley

387.Frank Greene

388.Dave Ballou

389.Alphonso Horne

390.Yazz Ahmed

391.Jay Thomas

392.Ryan Quigley

393.Ravi Best

394.Uli Beckerhoff

395.Gabe Medd

396.John Sneider

397.Gregory Rivkin

398.Tanya Darby

399.Steve Fulton

400.Bart Miltenberger

More to come,

Jason Palmer

5 Responses to “1,000 Trumpeters (301-400)”

  1. Thanks for the shout out bro!

  2. Carlos Melendez Says:

    Just come back from hearing you here today in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Wonderful! Must get your cds! Come back soon!

  3. Herman Hampton Says:

    Hi Jason,
    read your moving story about Lee Morgan.
    Since this is your story, can I have permission to share it?
    Herman Hampton

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