Something to Practice if you are Bored!

Here are some simple triadic sequences you can try out if you feel the urge. I would suggest playing these to the double bar first, then try to play from start to finish. Horn players try to play this from start to finish in one breath. Attempt to memorize as well. Click here for the pdf!


One Response to “Something to Practice if you are Bored!”

  1. hi man!
    HOw are you?
    Thanks for sharing this great material 🙂
    Just one thing, there´s a Cb in the Ab chord (17 bar), if it´s on purpose it´s also a pretty cool sound!
    And you give an idea, in the same way of play the chords, maybe change the qualities of those chord and play over them, thank you!!
    Anyway, will you gonna come for the 2011 jazzUV fest??

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