Found the Snake!!

Alright everyone,

If you haven’t seen this documentary on Wynton Marsalis that aired about 30 years ago, check it out!! I had been looking for this video for a while since I had first heard about it, but now it’s on Vimeo. You can agree or disagree with any or everything that Skain says in this video, but his talent (or lack thereof, as commented on by one of his former teachers in NO) and hard work are evident in his playing even at this young age. I think that it’s an interesting look back in time at an artist that’s made an impression on soooo many people throughout this world!!

Wynton Marsalis 1985 Profile: “Catching a Snake” from Wynton Marsalis on Vimeo.



2 Responses to “Found the Snake!!”

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    He was one of my first trumpet heroes. The sounds of the 80s, as well as his youthful intensity and classical playing, take me back.

  2. Wow! I’ve never seen this! Spectacular. Thanks for posting this Jason.

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