Something Else to Practice….

Repeat each measure up to 4 times before going to the next one. Once comfortable with that, play each measure 3 times, then two, then one, etc. After you are comfortable in this key, transpose to another and try to see the next chord quality before you play it. You can also take this exercise a bit further by adding more chord qualities, but I think this is a good starting point. Don't worry about playing in one breath, but you can make that a focus if you'd like, but by doing that, speed becomes a factor.


One Response to “Something Else to Practice….”

  1. Hi man!!!

    I really appreciate your effort to share with us your world in images, notes, music and words, thank you. I m from mexico city but i used to live in xalapa until the 2010 JazzUv festival and you talk to me about your book, i cant wait man!

    Otherwise i want to share with you a video of one of my all time favorites bigbands : ). HOpe you like it.

    every solo are amazing and the S. bari solo are insane.

    See you men, thanks!

    Fernando Sánchez

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