Player Spotlight #2: Benny Bailey

Here’s a wonderful trumpet player that’s a prime example of someone who’s really figured it out on the trumpet. Hearing Benny (1925-2005) in this clip below tells me that he lived a life of healthy trumpet playing (chopwise). He playing is so flexible, dynamic, colorful, and emotional from the beginning of his career to the end; all aspects that I wish to display if I’m blessed to be able to play later in life. Benny was born in Ohio but lived in Europe for more than half of his life. If you can find any of his recorded works I promise you you won’t be disappointed!!

Stay tuned!!



One Response to “Player Spotlight #2: Benny Bailey”

  1. Detlev Knapp Says:


    I had the honor to play a gig with Benny in 1985. He was the first real trumpet player I ever met and I can tell you he really knocked me out. He was great Soloist and also one of the best lead trumpet players. He really had his own style doing both.

    Recordings are still availble. Talking about small bands I know about the following ones:

    Charlie Rouse “The Upper Manhattan Jazz Society” on Enja
    Big Brass on Candid with Phil Woods
    Angel Eyes on Laika
    Will You Still Be Mine on Laika
    Dexter Gordon Benny Bailey Quintett on Steeple Chase

    Check also for Recordings of “The Kenny Clarke /Francy Boland Big Band” – Benny used to play lead trumpet and was a featured soloist.

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