The Molden Style..

I took a trip down memory lane today and checked out Joe Wilder’s album entitled Wilder n Wilder. This record was recommended to me by my friend and mentor Jeremy Pelt back when I was a student at NEC. He told me about it but I couldn’t find it in any of the dozen record stores in Boston or Cambridge at the time.

So I go home for the summer vacation from school back to NC. I’m at a Wal-Mart of all places about to check out. I think I have about 10.00 worth of food or something at the checkout. I glance over to the bubble gum shelf and low and behold is the record Wilder n Wilder (I kid you NOT). Of all places it was sitting there as if it was waiting for me. I think I only had 10 on me at the time so I put the food back and bought the record of course. That record fed my soul and still is till this day.

So all you trumpeters out there, if you are looking for a player that seamlessly melds the old style with the modern style (Molden), please look no further than this record.

Until next time!

Jason Palmer


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