Here’s a Sneak Peek at my New Theory Book!!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to clue you in on an project that I’ve been working on for a long time. I’ve been putting together an improvistational concept/theory book which is basically a compilation of the concepts that I try to convey in my own improvistations (sometimes with success, sometimes without). The four pages below are excerpts of what I call the Bowling Ball concept. I’m sure others have other names for it, but I labeled this solely for identification/organizational purposes. I know that the text on the first page may be quite difficult to read so I copied it below:

“Bowling Ball- This technique is intended to enhance fingering patterns throughout the range of your horn. These triplets have a very symmetrical contour when played in succession. I heard these shapes for the first time on a few Nicholas Payton recordings. I thought that the sound and effect of these ideas were pretty potent so I practiced them and expanded on them a little. I encourage you to play all of these sets of triplets using the same fingering (i.e. use the false fingerings when you ascend to the upper-register). I must stress again the importance of practicing these slowly because the later studies will become more difficult. These excercises need to be played slowly in order to be internalized.”

bowling1Bowling 2Bowling 3Bowling 4

These series of books that I’m planning on putting out are going to be designed for those players who seem to have “hit a roadblock” when it comes to improvising. I must admit that many of these passages will have more of a trumpet slant, but I’ll make sure that there’s a book for everyone. I plan on releasing a few volumes of unconventional scales, a volume dedicated to intervalic improvisation, and a system of improvisation that based on the harmonic series for the trumpet.

Stay Tuned,

Jason Palmer


3 Responses to “Here’s a Sneak Peek at my New Theory Book!!”

  1. Thaddeus Ford Says:

    I like it J. My question is, is this a technique to kind of lead to other ideas? In other words, is this something that you would use in a specific way when improvising, over a certain harmony? Or, is this kind of a “gateway” technique…learn it, for dexterity purposes and then forget it? Just curious…

  2. looking forward to seeing this and any other books. let me know where I can get ’em. keep it swinging. i’ll be back in boston soon and want to hear about all this stuff.

  3. Haneef N. Nelson Says:

    Looking forward to purchasing and seeing your books.

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