J the Plumber

So I was playing at a club in NY not too long ago which shall remain nameless (you’ll probably recognize it through further description though). From what I hear, one of the attractions is the MC for the shows in the evening. This person shall also remain nameless also (but you may know this person by now if you can put two and two together).

I arrived at the club early to look over some music with the band and one of the managers comes up to me and asks me what I’m doing here so early. I told her what I was there for and she took my name down for the MC later that night. About an hour later the MC shows up with the list. He asks me how to pronounce my name and I tell him and we’re cool.

So the show is about to start, the MC gets on stage and gets into his thing. This guy was pretty animated and from what I hear, he’s always like this. I feel like I’m being announced in the starting lineup to the NBA All-Star game. He announced each player in the band to the stage one by one and when he got to me he pronounced my name perfectly. We play the first set and everything is cool.

During the first break, I find myself standing in the front of the club near the bandstand, talking to a lot of folks that I haven’t seen in a while. This lasted for the full break. Towards the start of the break, the MC comes up to me and tells me to go and stand further away from the stage so he could announce everyone back to the stage individually. So I start to wrap up my conversations with my friends and move to the back of the club, but I obviously wasn’t moving fast enough for the MC. What ensued after that was hilarious…..

The MC announced everyone to the stage in his usual character. When he got to me he pronounced my name as “Jason Plumber”. The audience claps and those that actually know me begin to laugh. So of the band members go as far as to call me “Jason the Plumber” (in reference to Joe the Plumber). I don’t know if the MC made an honest mistake or if it was intentional, but it was funny. This situation reminds me of the stories that I use to hear about the Pee Wee Marquette, wee person who MCed at Birdland for years. If he didn’t like you, or if you didn’t share your smack with him, he’d mispronounce your name to the audience.



2 Responses to “J the Plumber”

  1. Hey Jason, got here from Jason Parker’s site. You’ve played with some people man! Which ones have been your favorite to record/be on stage with?

    • Hey Neal,

      I couldn’t really nail down one experience to identify with. I just enjoy playing with anyone who’s passionate about playing, young, old, experienced or not. Music to me is a precious gift and I love sharing it with everyone, I hate to sound soupy but that’s really how I grown to feel about playing. Each oppurtunity should be taken on wholeheartedly.

      Hope you’re well and thanks for reading, more to come!!


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