A New Standard?

I implore you all to come up with a list of compositions by musicians that are under the age of 40 that you could see/hear as a future “standard” or “jazz classic” in the jazz canon. Here’s my list of tunes. I am basing this on these criteria:
1. Song has been recorded by an artist/s other than the composer and the composer doesn’t perform on the record.
2. Song is frequently performed by bands without the composer present.

Song #1-Benny’s Tune by Lionel Loueke
Song #2-Zhviago by Kurt Rosenwinkel

As you can see my list is pretty short. I wish I could make it longer but I just can’t think of anything right now if I abide by these two guidelines.

Back in the day, musicians would play each other’s tunes more often. I hear it every once in a while (most recent at a Terence Blanchard show, where they played a few tunes by their bassist Derrick Hodge, although he was out on the road with Maxwell). In my band we’ve had a long-standing tradition of performing originals and tunes written by composers who are still alive, preferably under the age of 50. So we play a lot of tunes by Kurt, Myron Walden, Mark Turner, E.J. Strickland, Nicholas Payton, etc.

So if you all have any recommendations, let me have them because I’m always in the business of learning new tunes.


13 Responses to “A New Standard?”

  1. I think there’s a fair amount of young cats playing Dave Holland tunes. I may have heard one or more young groups play “Global Citizen,” which is actually written by Robin Eubanks. I think people should play Ben Allison tunes, but I haven’t really heard that. On one gig I played “Green Al” from the Buzz album. Yeah, I really can’t think of too many.

    • Yeah I hear you Lucas, I don’t know too many Dave Holland tunes (or ones performed in that group). Thanks for the recommendations. Ben Allison writes well for quartet with trumpet. Isn’t Ron Horton a great soloist. My trumpet teacher in college hipped me to his playing.

      Take care,


  2. Great idea for a post, Jason!

    I just recorded a tune called “Mance’s Dance” by trumpeter Tatum Greenblatt. I really wanted to include something from one of my peers on the new CD and was glad Tatum was into the idea too.

    • Yeah J, I know Tatum and I’ve heard that Tune. I think that he has an album of the same name? Hey man, I’m coming out your way I think on August 1st for a vacation. Maybe I’ll see you if you are performing out there during that time.

      Take care,


  3. Definitely look me up when you’re hear. Would be great to meet you face-to-face.

  4. Hi Jason

    Good question – I think you’re right on ‘Zhivago’, I’ve heard it several times – even heard one young musician in Switzerland play a tune based on it! It’s also true, as lucas mentions, that Dave Holland tunes feature quite a bit – though he’s over 60 years old now, so is well outside the age criteria you mentioned in your post. Here in Europe I’ve noticed a little Tim Berne sect emerging – I’ve heard ‘Jalapeno Diplomacy’ at least three times from different bands. Another tune I’ve heard many times (and played it myself many times) is Steve Coleman’s ‘Wights Waits for Weights’

    • Hey Ronen,

      That’s very interesting to hear about Tim Berne’s influence. I am not yet well-versed in his music. I hear that he is very prolific so I like to know where to start if you have any recommendations. There is a recent interview at D.T.M.’s website of Tim that I would like to check out when I get the time. As for Dave Holland, I hear cats playing his tunes every once in a while here in Boston and that’s partly because he has a residency here at NEC a couple of times a year, where he coaches a few ensembles, gives a few masterclasses and a concert. I would certainly add him but then I would have to include writers like Wayne Shorter (here in Boston, we play a ton of his tunes), Herbie Hancock, Benny Golson, etc.

      These ideas leave me wondering about 50 years from now. What will the most up-to-date fake/real book look like? I’ve been thinking about putting together one lately of the tunes that I’ve written out over the years, but all the legal permissions have kept me from taking the first steps.

      Thanks for checking out the post and for your thoughtful insight.


  5. Maybe some Dave Douglas tunes? On the other hand, maybe they’re too group-specific. “Perhaps Amarillo” Barbados by Bill Frisell? I seem to remember hearing several groups play that one recently on gigs. Also perhaps “When it Rains” by Brad Mehldau, which several friends and teachers of mine over the past 5 years or so have played, but not sure if anyone has recorded…Do you think it’s regionally specific too? Someone transcribes a tune, the chart gets passed around town…this seemed to happen a lot when I lived in New Orleans especially.

  6. Gonçalo Marques Says:

    Hey Jason! How have you been?
    One song that qualifies that i´ve heard a lot is “Granada” by Chris Cheek.
    Hope to see you soon.

    take care


    • Hey Goncalo,

      Great to hear from you and I’m doing alright here in Boston!! I am not yet familiar with that tune by Chris Cheek, but I’ll check it out soon!!

      Hope you’re well, update me on you!!


  7. Sequoia Campbell Says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’d like to add Kendrick Scott’s composition “Journey” to your list. Lyrics by Gretchen Parlato??? To my knowledge so far it’s been recorded by Kendrick, Terence Blanchard, and Sean Jones. On Jones’ recording I believe it was Obed Calvaire on drums. I definitely hope to perform/record it too! Do you happen to play it?



  8. Pauline Bilsky Says:

    Have you added any tunes to your list since those first two? I saw your reference to this blog post in my newstream a few minutes ago — someone raised a similar question — but now it’s disappeared. What happened? Would love to follow this discussion.

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