Am I Crazy?….

To think that the NBA could save the state of what’s going on with the jazz business? Those who really know me know that I use to be a very good basketball player. I considered playing at the Division 1 level but I chose music instead. There are many parallels to playing with a five-man squad on the parquet and playing with a quintet at the Vanguard. There are programs that emphasize that connection and they do a great job of bringing the music to the youngsters. A program that the Thelonious Monk Institute started in L.A. with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar comes to mind. Although this program and programs like it do wonderful work, I think that there is more that NBA could do to help the state of affairs.

Let’s think about this, when Lebron James gets fined $25,000.00 for skipping out on a press conference, where does that money go? When coaches are fined that much for complaining about the refs, where is that money going? It’s donated to a charity that the according to the NBA. Well I think some of those funds could also be diverted to the hands of responsible organizations in the jazz community. These funds could really help jazz publications’ operational costs and would go a long way toward helping an organization like the JVC get on the right track towards bringing back their festival circuit.

I know that the organizations that the NBA donate to are really great and are definitely in need of financial help, so all in all, I’m just fantasizing, but I can dream can’t I?…..



2 Responses to “Am I Crazy?….”

  1. Last time I saw Jackie McLean was at the Iridium in NY – I was already playing the part of NH boy in the big city, stars in his eyes, etc, when all of a sudden Kareem walks in and sits right behind me. He was wearing a rumpled tan jacked and a hat, trying to go incognito, which doesn’t work when you’re 7′ tall…

  2. Ethan Mallove Says:

    Are you crazy? You passed up D1 ball for the Conservatory. That’s crazy!

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