A Story of Roy…

Here’s an amusing story that took place on the gig at Wally’s about a year back:

If you have ever been to Wally’s you know that it’s essentially a big closet in term of the architectural layout. You walk in the front door and the stage is about 25 feet directly ahead of you with a width of about 7 or 8 feet. So when I’m playing I can see everyone that comes in pretty clearly.

On one particular night Roy Hayes visits (whenever he’s in town he makes it a point to come down if he’s able). I see him as he walks in and he’s wearing his trademark sunglasses, cowboy hat, and white pants that were probably leather. No one else that I know dresses with such fashion first of all. So I see him but I don’t think that he sees me as I am on stage and it’s pretty packed. I think that he was trying to keep a low profile this night. So we finish up a tune and I announce the band members and I also acknowledge Roy’s presence, much to his surprise. So we continue to play until the break. When the break rolls around, I Roy comes up to me and tells me that he was surprised that I saw him come in and that I announced him to the audience. I then told him that he can’t walk into a jazz club and not have anyone recognize him. If that ever happens to him, then that’s a real scary sign…

In the spirit of swing,


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