Re-implementation of the cabaret card-with a whole new twist!!

As an aspiring jazz musician in the 21st century, I have come to realize that there’s a huge gap in the field live performance.  When I started college back in 1997, I would attend concerts that charged a cover regularly and many of my peers would go as well.  Fast forward ten or so years and this isn’t the case.  Many shows and club dates that I go to and perform in are attended by people that are either tourists or locals that work day jobs, essentially people with money to burn.  Granted the economy is in ruins and has been for a while, there seems to be a significant drop in attendance of live shows by young artists who are in school as well as graduates.  There was even a time when I felt the financial crunch which caused me to scale back a bit. 


It’s a fact that many students simply don’t have the funds to go to as many shows as they’d like to.  With the rising cost of tuition, books, public transportation, etc., it’s understandable that attendance has dropped across the board at many venues.  It’s the primary reason for the closing of many venues around the country over the past 5 years.  I have a better option than requiring these student apprentices to pay a 20-30 dollar cover to get in the door and then be required to buy a drink or two per set. 


With the implementation of my idea of a cabaret card, any student musician/artist or recent graduate with plenty of student loans to pay off is eligible to receive this card which will grant them admission to participating clubs/organizations for little or no fee.  They would be, in turn, required to puchase an extra drink and/or food during the show.  I think this idea will counter the trend of live shows/venues that consistiently have low attendance.  So a club that’s slow on a Tuesday night would have better odds of having decent business.  Members would be required to present a set number of show within a given year as well as educational outreach of some sort to teens and pre-teens. 


What/who decides who is eligible?  I propose that a panel is formed consisting of respected professionals in all art fields.  This panel would be responsible for the screening/audition process as well as reviewing press packets and other submitted materials.  


Participation venues organizations should be eligible for extra tax incentives and perhaps reduced cost for adspace in local weeklys.  Venues would be responsible for implementing a percentage of allowance of card-carrying members to a given show or they could just have a flat percentage, depending on the venue and the caliber of acts that they book. 


I’m still thinking it all out, so your imput would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!  As soon as I get a decent proposal together, I plan to present it to the Boston Cultural Arts Council, JazzBoston, City Hall, and Congress!!!!!


In the spirit of swing,


Jason Palmer


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